How to Get Your Kids in the Habit of Brushing their Teeth

Does your child give you a hard time when you ask them to brush their teeth? Teaching your children how important it is for them to brush their teeth regularly can be very challenging at times.

Instilling a new habit in their daily routine might not be as easy as it sounds.  

The good news is that there are many ways that you can make your child love the idea of brushing their teeth.

1. Learning by Imitation


You might have figured out by now that your child learns the best through observation, mostly by observing you. Brushing your teeth after every meal in front of your kids will make them learn that brushing is an important part of your routine. They will copy your actions.

2. Giving Rewards

Set a reward for each time your children brush their teeth – make it a competition. You can keep a brushing chart to track their routine. Each time they brush, you can mark a point on the chart. At the end of every week, you can reward them according to the points they have scored. This will keep them involved and they will try to gain as many points as possible.

3. Kids Love Fun

Another way to keep your kids involved while brushing is to make it enjoyable. Let them play their favorite songs while brushing.  

4. Make it a Family Affair

Brushing teeth can become turn interesting for your child if the whole family gets involved. Kids love to take part in family activities. You along with your partner can brush your teeth with your child after every meal. In this way, your child will understand that brushing teeth is necessary for everyone – it’s not limited to them.

5. Toothpaste Choices

Allow your child to choose the toothpaste for themselves. You can help them out by selecting their favorite flavor and color. This will make them feel more involved in the process, and they will be more inclined to brush their teeth with their selected toothpaste.

6. Words of Appreciation

In the end, positive attitude works the best. Each time your child brushes their teeth, you can definitely praise them. You can appreciate how well they have done their job by telling them that their teeth look super shiny. This will boost their confidence and encourage them to brush regularly.

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