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So, it's the day. It's the day when the patient is going to come and get their beautiful new crowns. It's an interesting time. Patient is, at the same time, excited and nervous, at the same time. The nerves are just related to, hey man, this is a big thing. This is a big life change. Is it going to be right? Of course, we have plenty of opportunities to change anything that we want, but the patient has this great amount of anticipation that it's like something could go one way or the other, and one of those ways is this really great life change.

Doing this smile work has been unbelievably exciting and life-changing for me as a dentist, but to see the impact that it has on patients when they walk out the door, when they actually start using the muscles of their face to smile in a really natural way, it's been incredibly rewarding. The reason why we're able to do this kind of stuff now is that throughout my career I've been to a lot of courses, and I can remember in 2007, 2008, being an implant course and simply having no idea what was being said in the course at times, and having to ask my neighbor, "What are they talking about? What's happening?" But continuing to stay with it even though at times it was frustrating, and getting to this point in my career where I've consistently put in a lot of work learning about dentistry, occlusion, which is how the bite comes together, and what a smile really looks like, and what the philosophy of smile design should be.

Just recently, I was able to go to Madrid and learn from some of the best smile designers in the world, and combine my need, or my want to do things on the computer, with smile design. It really helped me put a lot of things together. For about seven, maybe even eight years now, I've been involved with Spear Education in Arizona. I've been a part of their faculty club for about six years, and just getting all of that education over that time, and then having someone put it all together into a digital format.

What we can do now is amazing. While I sit with a patient in the chair, I'm able to go through different possibilities of how a smile will look. I'm able to show them different shapes, different colors, what our limitations are, which is a big part of smile design, and just relate it all to a person's face. That's the big thing. That's the big change in smile design, and even occlusion, that form follows function. It's a fine, pleasing result. Kind of means that we have something that will work for them as well, long term.

It's just an exciting time at the practice. I really enjoy doing this kind of work. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I have. Really sort of chill bump moments when patients leave, and we show it to our staff what we've done, and motivating this staff. It's just, man, it's an a step, a huge step, in the right direction for dentistry and what we do here.

If you have a need for that, please certainly call the office. Click to make an appointment. I'm glad to go through this thing with you. We can show you what your smile might look like, and then we can even actually physically show it to you in your mouth as a mock-up. It's just amazing. The mock-up just sort of confirms everything we think we can do. Then you just go, and they do the work, you do the preps, and then coming back to that day of insertion, where the person is feeling this anticipation, this nervousness, and then finally getting all of those veneers in or crowns in. I's just really gratifying for everyone involved, my assistants, the patient, even front desk staff get a real kick out of doing this kind of stuff. I hope you'll consider doing some of that stuff in the future. It's really life-changing. Thanks guys.

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