Meet Dr. Toussaint Crawford

My name is Dr. Toussaint Crawford, and I founded Fenton Family Dental in 2009. It's been a labor of love, at times harder than others. I initially got into dentistry in 2000 and was fortunate to be able to work with my uncle, who was a dentist. This experience working alongside him really brought me into the game. Starting out, I had no real idea that I was going to be a dentist, but the exposure encouraged me to pursue it full-time as a career.

The first day I worked there, I was thinking, "Oh, I could do this! I'll make some money, gain some medical field experience, and then I'll go and become an orthopedic surgeon." But things didn’t quite turn out that way—I guess that's how life works sometimes. But I ended up staying in his practice him all the way through 2008, and by that time I had become a dentist. During this period, I had evolved from front desk associate to being an assistant, a steri-tech, and making the retainers in the back for patients. I did a lot of stuff at that office that really allowed me to propel my career forward.

For dental school, I attended Howard University from which I graduated in 2007. Before that, I went to Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, getting a degree in business. So I like to combine those two specialties with Fenton Family Dental. I try to be thoughtful about what this office is.

Our core values are: love, learn, thrive, teach. When you come into our office, you'll see some of us wearing T-shirts with these values. Those core values mean a lot to us, and we try to live up to them as much as we can every day. Anyone who's really tried to live up to high ideals knows that you will fail sometimes, but it's the journey that gets you there.

For the people that work here, we try to provide them with real blueprints on how to exemplify love, learn, thrive, teach as much as possible. Literally, we do this by listing out the 25 ways on a poster we have framed on the wall in our office. We believe we are getting better at these goals every day.

In terms of dentistry here at Fenton Family Dental, we do smile design, implants, Invisalign, your bread and butter dental work, and all of it is based in digital dentistry. Modern, progressive dentistry. It's not like when we go to the auto shop, and they tell you, "Hey, your wiz-bang thing is out, and it's too hot, and you need to replace it." We're not going to do that. We're going to show you exactly what's happening, take digital photos, and show you on scans. Our goal is for you to be part of this discovery journey that helps us not only explain dentistry but choose a solution that will work for your health goals. Again, digital dentistry is the basis for everything we do. And you'll see a lot of videos on smile design; you'll see videos on Invisalign, all of that stuff is digital. Even the crown, that basic crown that we used to do in dentistry, is now a digitally made product. Really if your dentist does not have this level of capability, they're shortchanging the practice a little.

We're very proud of what we've built here. I cannot wait to meet some of you and to deepen relationships with those who are already part of our practice.

Just to let you know a bit more about me, I have a wife and three kids. We actually live in Virginia, only because we wanted to be closer to my two step kids. However, I'm from Maryland originally. I went to elementary school and middle school a mile from here. Ended up going to St. Vincent Pallotti High School in Laurel, Maryland to play basketball, which is a huge, huge passion in my life. I still do that four or five times a week, to keep my legs under me.

My kids are now 20, 15, and 5. The two older ones are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters. One just started up with Muay Thai now. The younger one is doing an assortment of sports but does a lot of tennis and basketball. Of course, that makes dad proud. My wife is also a dentist, and a dentist in the practice. I met her at my previous job at Neibauer Dental Care. She was one of my mentors early on in my career. Today, she can be found training our doctors in best practices and advanced techniques. So, this practice has been a family affair for us since 2008.

Besides that, I welcome you to the practice. We really feel we have something special to share, and it's our duty to share it. So please bring your friends and family so that we can show them what we're doing here and make new friends — looking forward to seeing you soon.

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